Monday, December 27, 2010

Just do it

It’s now time to try this blog thing a third and final (although this probably should be true, the outlook is not positive.  What’s that overly known/used definition of foolishness again?) time.
It’s easy enough to put off one family member’s begging for followship of their blog.  Two family members is an entirely different matter.  I’m not built to sustain prolonged and building pressure from multiple sources.  So, if you stumble across this blog, please follow the shiny towards: and  Just do it. It’s important.
Glissades and Gabble belongs to my sister.  She’s trying to publish a fully written novel, so needs as many people personally invested in her future as possible.  She’s brilliant, so please, follow her blog.
Sew Delightful belongs to my mother.  She’s a major part of an up-and-coming charity with a goal to give all little girls around the world a new dress to wear (Also, to bring awareness…which we could all use). She also likes exclamation points.

Now that I’ve done my bit of advertising, that leaves me.  I have not written a book (although I would like to) and I am not helping to run a charity.  I'm just me.  I mentioned my two previous blogs.  (a) was an attempted dating column (during my viewage of Sex and the City days), because I’m so successful in that area!  This site lasted for only two posts and shortly became oppressively depressing due to the death of a close friend.  It got to the point that I could no longer face it and thus, haven’t looked at it in a year.
Blog (b) was a mostly successful travel blog, created by my soon to be ex. Husband.  It was personalized and quite lovely.  However, it has seemingly (hmmmmmm…) imploded into the abyss in the last few months. Try the link. Seriously (  I dare you to select “Run.”  Yeah, it's true, nothing happens.
So, here I stand at my third attempt.  I could admit failure and follow the blogs that I must, sitting on a page devoid of content (which is what you should do if you’re not keen on blogging, in order to follow the blogs I’ve pointed you to). Empty-nothingness is depressing to me (although, it should not be to you.  Do I have to repeat myself?).  Thus, I’ve decided to give it another go, a concerted effort, a valiant attempt; as though my thoughts are worthwhile enough to throw out into the world to see if they stick anywhere (aside from the underside of someone’s shoe…although that does have value).
So yes, follow these people (and me too, if you so desire).  Just do it. It’s important.
Final thought:  Sarah, update your blog. 


  1. Thanks for telling people about my blog!!!!! I do like exclamation points! And also like your blog!!

  2. Hmmm... I thought I was updating too much!