Friday, January 28, 2011


Quite a lot of Baseball players are superstitious (stereotype) and follow a vigorous routine before they begin playing; spitting, scratching, chewing, other unnatural and disgusting habits (and the occasional practice swing). 

The other day, I settled myself down in front of my computer, preparing to start writing.  My WIP was up on my screen, I had ideas of where I wanted to take it, I was fearless, my hands were poised.  Then...nothing.  It didn't feel right.  Maybe I was just lazy?  Instead, I flipped over to my Windows Media Player and watched two episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Do you have a necessary environment for successful writing; the correct lighting, room, beverage, music?  I have my best results in a local coffee shop, with a vente Chai Tea Latte (cliche?  Coffee makes my tummy hurt) and a scone.  I think this is mostly because there are less shiny distractions.  There's also something about sitting in a coffee shop while working on a story.  It makes me feel busy and productive, like I could take over the world with my pen (Or at least successfully ask the cute guy sitting next to me what makes his coffee smell so fair shiny!).


Monday, January 24, 2011

Right Angle

I would like to start a campaign to eliminate the use of the term “Love Triangle.”  When we imagine said triangle, we see three points connected by three equal lines.  The central character is usually at the top (Katniss), while the two romantic interests (with lines connected them to their desire) perched below in supporting positions (Peeta and Gabe).   What’s interesting is the line that exists, connecting the two love interests.  This is where things get fuzzy.  Unless you like some slash in your fiction, there should be no connection between these two characters; especially not one that mirrors the lines between the lead and her choices.  If you flip the triangle, all of the sudden you have Gabe as the central character with lines connected to Peeta and Katniss.  Awkward!
Thus, I propose we change the title from “love triangle,” to “love angle.”  There will be a central point (Katniss) with paths to outer points (Peeta and Gabe).
Now, granted, sometimes romantic interests do share a relationship (Best friends, acquaintances,
mortal enemies).  With the love angle you can move the two outward points closer or farther away, depending on this relationship.  There is also a play on words here because, let's be realistic, everyone has an angle (right?).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby steps

I’m going to take this opportunity to officially admit that I am writing…something.  I’m not quite sure what it is yet *lifts damp/limp something to examine more closely.* But it’s there.  I’ve written a vague and flexible (ever changing) outline of what I might want, and about 1,500 words.  I’ve even reluctantly shared information with two people.  Yes, I have done this before.  But this time I’m going to keep pushing (at least will try to) until my something either becomes a formed, breathing object; or disintegrates into shiny dust like a freshly slayed vampire.
I’m going to be frighteningly honest here.  There were many reasons why I switched from music to English as a major my freshman year in college.  One of the big reasons, however, was because I was terrified that I would not be allowed into (that I was not good enough to be in...) the Piano Performance Program.  Failing in general, for me, ranks with losing all my teeth in a freak hockey accident (seeing as I haven’t stepped on the ice since a certain skate-meets-hand incident my first time EVER) in pleasantness.  Being told that I am not good enough at something I love: my mind can’t even comprehend the pain this would cause.   I imagine the world would implode, sinking me into a hell full of open water, spiders, sea monsters, and electrocution (On a temporary psychological tangent…maybe this is why I have such a hard time with breakups…and personal criticism….and, okay we’re done now).
So, as you can see, admitting that I’m writing…something, is a huge step for me.  Because, if I fail, not only would I know (and have to admit to it); but at least one of my 12 (welcome latest follower person!) followers may also take notice.
Maybe next time I’ll even reveal the genre!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How do you capture emotion?

I’ve been considering this question quite a lot lately as I’ve been suffering tumultuous emotion syndrome this week.  I’ve experienced: joy, sadness, hurt, pain, grief, hysteria, panic, glee, comfort, pride, peace, satisfaction, and confusion; sometimes all at the same time. 
Characters should be as complex as people (yes?).  Our own living, breathing creations.  So, how do you convey what they are feeling while avoiding lists (like what I’ve done above), or bloated paragraph descriptions.
I find it very annoying when writers just tell you how their characters feel (Bella was depressed).  It’s lazy.  But it’s also very straight forward (Is the most direct route the best?).  Aren’t we supposed to be going on the journey with the characters we read about?  They should have faces, voices, color and texture, and we should be able to see through their eyes and feel what they feel.
How do you convey emotion in your writing?

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Days of drinking only one soda per day: 2 and ½
Desserts: one candy bar (special occasion?)
Checked mail: 0 times
Writing: 1 blog and some incoherent ramblings.
Cleaning: cleaned out my car…stuff promptly landed on apartment floor, and there it stays.
Classes: Taking a Lindy Hop class and a Balboa class on Fridays
Reading: Read two books this week (I’ll be writing thoughts on them at some point).
TV: No time!
Ice Cube: firmer (icier?) than ever

No, I will not be listing results for all goals every time I post a blog.  No worries!
This morning at work (yes, I work), I used the word “innocuous” to describe an email from a co-worker; an email that should have been pointed and barbed but unfortunately was not.  This usage made my mind jump back (and me giggle at the memory) to a time when I thought innocuous was pronounced with a very soft “c,” like “innoshous.”  There was no reason for this; it doesn’t even make sense when studying the word now.  However, I’d only ever experienced it in writing, and my highly imaginative (or so I fondly think of it) mind gave it the sound that it thought the word deserved.   
It seems that I am not alone.  I’ve spoken to a few other readers who have struggled with this same problem of gaining the primary portion of their vocabulary through books.
Even to this day, I’ll catch a word and think “Oh, that’s how that sounds.”  More often than I’d like, I receive blank stares from friends before light dawns “Ohhhh, you mean such and such (insert word).”  I suppose this comes from socializing little and reading much during my formative years.
Have you experienced this and what words did you discover pronunciation for too late?   

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So, I know that I said that this would come on Saturday, but better late than never.  Yes?  No?  Well, whatever *mentally insert emoticon smiley sticking its tongue out*.  It’s happening now.
In this last full year of human civilization (according to some), the term New Years Resolution has become moot.  No one keeps resolutions.  Now, we have goals.  Goals that are renewed when we think about them, they are usually (depending on the person…) reasonable and doable.  We feel like a setback is okay, because we can just start back up tomorrow, or in an hour, or a month, or there’s always 2012.
My resolutions (Yes, the resolutions I intend to fulfill, will think about guiltily for three months when I don’t, and will then promptly forget) that will make me into the perfect person I aim to be for 2011:
-I will cut out desserts except for holidays and special occasions (like 3pm every day…right?).
-I will exercise in the mornings, pre-work.
-I will check my mail every-other day (starting today…yeah).
-I will respond promptly to emails and phone calls.
-I will limit myself to one soda per day (stupid free work sodas!).
-I will write…something…every day.
My Goals:
-I will write more than I did in 2010.
-I will make an effort to stay cleaner (Note: “effort”).
-I will find more activities/classes to fill my time (at least one…It’s
always good to keep learning). 
-I will read more.
-I will watch less TV.
-I will work hard to melt the frozen ice cube that surrounds my emotional Jell-O core.  At least partially.  Not entirely.  Because really, there are some parts of me that I do not need to meet again.