Thursday, January 6, 2011


Days of drinking only one soda per day: 2 and ½
Desserts: one candy bar (special occasion?)
Checked mail: 0 times
Writing: 1 blog and some incoherent ramblings.
Cleaning: cleaned out my car…stuff promptly landed on apartment floor, and there it stays.
Classes: Taking a Lindy Hop class and a Balboa class on Fridays
Reading: Read two books this week (I’ll be writing thoughts on them at some point).
TV: No time!
Ice Cube: firmer (icier?) than ever

No, I will not be listing results for all goals every time I post a blog.  No worries!
This morning at work (yes, I work), I used the word “innocuous” to describe an email from a co-worker; an email that should have been pointed and barbed but unfortunately was not.  This usage made my mind jump back (and me giggle at the memory) to a time when I thought innocuous was pronounced with a very soft “c,” like “innoshous.”  There was no reason for this; it doesn’t even make sense when studying the word now.  However, I’d only ever experienced it in writing, and my highly imaginative (or so I fondly think of it) mind gave it the sound that it thought the word deserved.   
It seems that I am not alone.  I’ve spoken to a few other readers who have struggled with this same problem of gaining the primary portion of their vocabulary through books.
Even to this day, I’ll catch a word and think “Oh, that’s how that sounds.”  More often than I’d like, I receive blank stares from friends before light dawns “Ohhhh, you mean such and such (insert word).”  I suppose this comes from socializing little and reading much during my formative years.
Have you experienced this and what words did you discover pronunciation for too late?   


  1. I follow a few fashion designers, but mostly through web and vogue. I've never heard anyone in real life actually pronounce Ann Demeulemeester or Dries Van Noten, so have no idea how to pronounce their names. For a while I though Hermes was actually pronounced Hermes, not Ermay.

    Remember when we had an intensely personal battle over the usage of the word accoutrement?

  2. I stand by my...stance. Whatever it was.

  3. It seems that I am often corrected on my pronunciation by my sweet bro... but I do believe there are many times more than one way to say it... whatever "it" may be!!

  4. YES. For some reason, I can never say "Arabic" right--I want to say it like Arab with an -ic. I don't know! There's a few others, but I can't remember...

  5. I used to pronounce camisole "cammy-sole". People laughed at me!