Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So, I know that I said that this would come on Saturday, but better late than never.  Yes?  No?  Well, whatever *mentally insert emoticon smiley sticking its tongue out*.  It’s happening now.
In this last full year of human civilization (according to some), the term New Years Resolution has become moot.  No one keeps resolutions.  Now, we have goals.  Goals that are renewed when we think about them, they are usually (depending on the person…) reasonable and doable.  We feel like a setback is okay, because we can just start back up tomorrow, or in an hour, or a month, or there’s always 2012.
My resolutions (Yes, the resolutions I intend to fulfill, will think about guiltily for three months when I don’t, and will then promptly forget) that will make me into the perfect person I aim to be for 2011:
-I will cut out desserts except for holidays and special occasions (like 3pm every day…right?).
-I will exercise in the mornings, pre-work.
-I will check my mail every-other day (starting today…yeah).
-I will respond promptly to emails and phone calls.
-I will limit myself to one soda per day (stupid free work sodas!).
-I will write…something…every day.
My Goals:
-I will write more than I did in 2010.
-I will make an effort to stay cleaner (Note: “effort”).
-I will find more activities/classes to fill my time (at least one…It’s
always good to keep learning). 
-I will read more.
-I will watch less TV.
-I will work hard to melt the frozen ice cube that surrounds my emotional Jell-O core.  At least partially.  Not entirely.  Because really, there are some parts of me that I do not need to meet again.


  1. Great goals! I also want to write more and read more. I already hardly watch TV, so where the time is going to come for to meet my goals is a bit of a mystery to me.

  2. I find prioritizing the television shows I want to watch helps. Then I can make time for the ones I really like and forget all the others.

    Ballet class Saturday mornings! Just sayin'.

  3. These sound good! Replace soda with water :) You'll start nursing that one can like it's the last ounce of vodka on the face of the earth. As for desserts, I usually just put it off (I'm a procrastinator) until it's 10pm...and by then I realize it's too late and it'd all go to my hips (which don't need any help).

    I think these are manageable :D Good luck! Keep us updated!